Conditions de Réservation

General conditions of Camping Le Verseau

Please read carefully before making a reservation or signing a rental contract.

General conditions camp sites and rental lodgings


every reservation will come in effect after a down payment of 25% of your stay amount. After receipt of your reservation we will send you a confirmation.

In case of delayed arrival

Without hearing from you, the rental will stay free only until the next day at 2.30 PM.. The credited sum will be kept. Delay won't involve any reduction of price.

Cancellation at the arrival

The whole reservation time will be billed.


Pets are allowed and should be kept in good hygiene condition. They must be kept on leash at all times and let out of the campground for their needs. A valid certificate of vaccination is compulsory. They are not allowed alone in the rental or on camp site.

Specific conditions for lodging rentals

The balance

is to pay on arrival, after visiting the rental.

Sacurity payment

A security payment of 150 € is required at the beginning of stay. Before departure and after having proceeded with the inspection of the site you will get your payment back.

The rental

The site must be clean when leaving it, otherwise a 40 € for cleaning will be kept from the security payment.

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